The advance sales of PÖFF Competition programme tickets will start on 17 October. Just Film Competiton programme tickets will be available from 20 October, PÖFF First Features programme tickets from 24 October and the Flanders focus film tickets from 2 November. Ticket sales for the rest of the programmes and sub-festivals will start on 10th of November. During the advance sales period, tickets can be purchased at all Piletilevi ticket counters across Estonia and from During the festival, tickets are sold at PÖFF Info and Ticket Centres at Solaris Centre, Coca-Cola Plaza and Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn, and at Tartu Kaubamaja as well as at all the screening venues.

Full ticket  8.00 €
Double seat 9.00 € *
Discount ticket 6.50 €
PÖFF PASS: 30 tickets from 01.10 120 €
PÖFF group package 5+: Buy 5 or more tickets at once for 6.00 € each.


Pöff Shorts

Ticket 5 €
Double seat 5.00 € *
Discount ticket 3.50 €
Pass 36 €

Just Film
Ticket 5 €
Double seat 5.00 € *
Discount ticket 3.50 €
Just Film group package 5+:  Buy 5 or more tickets at once for 3 € each.

Gift Ticket 8 € (PÖFF, Shorts, Just Film)
Screenings at the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School are free of charge!
*PÖFF group discount 5+ tickets and festival passes are not valid for Double seats.
Discount tickets are valid for childen, students and seniors when a respective identity document is presented on entry to the venue.

PÖFF Catalogues are on sale in Tallinn PÖFF Info and Ticket Centres in Solaris Centre, Coca-Cola Plaza, Nordic Hotel Forum and in Tartu Kaubamaja. During the festival the catalogues are sold in all screening venues.

Screenings will take place from: 17 November 2017 – 3 December 2017
A personal PÖFF Pass with a photo allows you to:

  • Redeem a total of 30 tickets to the PÖFF main programme, the animation and short film festival PÖFF Shorts, and the children and youth film festival JUST Film  (one ticket to each chosen screening). NB. Tickets redeemed with a PÖFF Pass are only valid for the owner of the Pass – the Pass will be checked upon entry to the screening!
  • Buy one Friend’s Ticket to every screening in addition to the Pass Ticket.
  • Redeem tickets starting from the first date of sales from the homepage of Piletilevi as a Zebra Ticket, and at PÖFF information and ticket sales centres.
  • The PÖFF Pass will not allow you to redeem tickets or enter special-price PÖFF events: the opening and closing events, etc.

How to buy a PÖFF Pass?

  1. Buy a Pass Ticket from Piletilevi.
  2. Starting from 1 October 2016, send your first name, surname, phone number, document photo and ticket ID by e-mail to in order to receive your Pass badge. Be sure to specify the city where you would like to receive your badge.
  3. You will be informed of your Pass being ready by e-mail. Together with the e-mail, you will be sent the PÖFF Pass user instructions, the entailed rights and detailed information about the process of receiving the Pass.
  4. The Pass badge can be picked up from the first date of the great advance sales (4 November 2016) at PÖFF information and ticket sales centres.

Contact and information:

Price of the Pass:
Until 31.03.2017 : 90 EUR
1.04.2017 – 30.09.2017 : 110 EUR
1.10.2017 – 03.12.2017 : 120 EUR

Only a limited number of Passes will be sold!

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