Official Selection

The latest works of already established filmmakers representing the geographic, thematic and stylistic diversity of the art of film. Only World and International premiers. All films are presented by their authors.

First Feature Competition

The first films of emerging talents representing youthful flair, innovative ideas and unexpected perspectives. Only the world and international premiers.

Scholarship of 5000 EUR from Jameson.

Estonian Film Competition

The best Estonian films from last year assessed by foreign experts.

The prize of 3200 EUR for the Best Estonian Film competition is presented by Estonian biggest film sponsor and investor, Mr Armin Karu

Rebels with a Cause

A showcase of experimental film-making and bold artistic statements from all over the world. Pushing the boundaries of the art of film.

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Opening Film

Special Screenings

Films that have a special meaning for the festival and/or whose screening generates especially emotional moments.

In Focus: Flanders

A program inspired by the success of Flamish films, consisting of about two dozen carefully picked and internationally acclaimed films made since 1980.


Films representing original standpoints, disputed views or simply interesting aesthetic quests and meant for a demanding viewer. Fresh look of the art of film.


Films that have won critical acclaim at other well-known festivals, representing the widest spectre of the art of film and attracting the most viewers.

Unrevealed Snapshots: Films of Contemporary Japanese Female Directors

Screen International Critics' Choice

A selection of the year’s cinematic highlights that have been selected by the critics of the reputable film magazine Screen International.


The most interesting documentaries from everywhere.

Midnight Shivers

A selection of the best recent horror, fantasy and B films. Extravagant fantasy wingding.

Special Programme Fashion Cinema

Films about the different aspects of the art of fashion.

Finland 100: Finnish Cult Film Special – 48H

A special program dedicated to Finland’s 100th anniversary. 48 straight hours of the best iconic Finnish films.

TV Beats

A programme dedicated to the TV shows with the aim of emphasizing the increasingly blurred lines between the small and the big screen.

Goethe-Institut presents: New German Film

Estonian Olympic Committee Presents

Hot Topics

The special PÖFF programme „Hot Topics“ is aimed at drawing the attention of the public to films that talk about various countries and societies, and address humanitarian and social issues.

The programme was created in collaboration…

Solaris Vitamins

Just Film

JF Youth Programme

JF Children Programme


JF Science360 Programme

JF Child Rights Programme

JF Travelling World Programme

PÖFF Shorts

Sleepwalkers International Competition

The world seems a more infinitely scary place than it did a year ago. Yet this selection of shorts from across the globe provide a glimmer of light against the darkness as amongst themes of loneliness, forced migration and loss of innocence there lies…

Sleepwalkers Student Competition

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – if the term ’student film’ fills you with trepidation because you believe that they are somehow a test before someone goes on to make a ’real’ film, then we’d suggest you should come to…

Animated Dreams International Competition

Out of 1000 submissions, we’ve chosen 42 films that represent the best and most innovative approaches to short animation. In this medium, there has been a rise in the amount of international co-productions – a phenomenon that was once quite rare.…

Animated Dreams Student Competition

The word “enthusiasm” originates from Greek. It consists of the root words “theos” (god) and “en” (in) meaning “God within.” A student making an animated film, usually alone, is confronted with an unbearable amount of work. The only…

PÖFF Shorts National Competition

’Variety is the spice of life’ goes the famous saying. The National Competition screens the best of the new Estonian animations and short films. Our New Estonian Animation programme also serves as a festive opening for this year’s festival with…

Shorts No Limits

To further explore the impact of the short film medium we have composed these two themed programs – Late Night Love and Odd Comedy Night. Each screening will blend both live action and animation, to give audiences a taste of the possibilities…

Shorts Panorama

Whenever we hear the word Panorama we tend to think – oh, those are the films that didn’t make it to the competition. We think of something negative – brexit, global warming, Harvey Weinstein… But little do we know that under that modest name…

Shorts Tricky Toons

Who of us parents haven’t left their kids every now and then in the arms of the world’s most consistent babysitter – the TV-set? It seems that only then, when our children are basking in the fluorescent glow of the screen, when their eyes are…

Shorts Mati Kütt Retrospective

We live in strange times. In almost all creative fields the old rules of the game are dead. It is said that all paradigms known to us have changed, and we have reached some kind of a post-era, with terms like postmodernism, post-conceptualism, post-digital,…

Shorts DOC@Shorts

Real life is boring. That’s why cinema exists. Who needs the drudgery of everyday life when we can be whisked away to another world, far away from our mundane existence. But real life is actually more exciting than we can ever imagine.


Shorts Aki Kaurismäki

Aki Kaurismäki’s unique style and worldview are equally at view in the numerous short films he has directed since the early 1980s.

The self-taught Finnish filmmaker’s short work radiates melancholy and sophisticated minimalism and this…