Meet the Jeons


Kyu-hwan Jeon is a name that die hard PÖFF fans might now by now as five of his films have been screened at PÖFF by now. He has even won the Best Director award with The Weight in 2012. The End will see Korea’s indie maverick return to his roots in an abstract, and religiously symbolic exploration of the issues within the present Korean society – rapidly increasing social stratification, unemployment, prostitution, drug trafficking and the cruelty and ruthlessness of an often ignorant class society.

The End is screening tonight at 21.30 in Coca-Cola Plaza with both Kyu-hwan and his daughter attending.
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When Kyu-hwan visited Black Nights back in 2008, he had his litte daughter Haelim with him. Now, nine years later, she has come to age, and is back with a film of her own – Better Tomorrow Than Today.

The film follows Hae Jeong, a twenty-something young woman whose everyday repeats itself via sequences of temp jobs at a cafe and a gym to pay for her night time studies in the vocational school for fashion designers. She dreams of future of making it in the real fashion business, but her continuous efforts do not bear fruit – once she is asked for a university diploma, then again a certificate of having studied abroad – both out of reach for financial reasons.

Fusing documentary elements with slow burning, yet touching indie drama, „Better tomorrow, than today“ is an impactful peek into the lives of young underclass Koreans and their dreams, broken hopes and expectations for better work and future.

Better Tomorrow Than Today screens at 18:45 at Coca-Cola Plaza with both of the Jeons attending.
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