Erso presents audio-visual piece combining economy and music


Multimedia project ‘’Regular Crisis’’ by the video and performance artist Marina Landia combines video projections with a large symphony orchestra. The video material has been compiled from interviews with key figures in global industry and finance: José Ángel Gurría, the Secretary-General of the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Manfred Bischoff, the Chairman of the Council of the German automobile manufacturer Daimler, as well as the business media manager Steve Forbes.

"Regular Crisis" reflects the ‘mental state’ of the most influential figures in the global economy, studying their values, philosophies and ways of thinking. Tensions skilfully conveyed with live music will create amazing effects, offering a rather unusual perspective on the current state and potential future of the global economy.

The work was premiered in October 2016 by the MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kristjan Järvi.

The concert will begin with a panel discussion of outstanding visionaries from Estonia and elsewhere, sharing their thoughts on the international economy.

Tickets: 22 € / 16 €
Concert is produced by ENSO and Black Nights Film Festival PÖFF