Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2017 awards


At at last night's ceremony in the Kultuurikatel the 2017 awards of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event were presented.

Baltic Event Co-Production Market awards

Best Project

Eurimages Co-Production Development Award

This award of 20 000 Euros is given to the best project based on its artistic quality and potential for theatrical release.

Winner: The Great Bear / Suuri karhu
Finland, director Jan Forsström, producers Kaarle Aho & Kai Nordberg; production company Making Movies Oy

Jury statement: For an original and inspiring story which portrays a unique cinematic landscape and a deep understanding of the human soul, and especially a strong female character who dives into the spiritual world of shamanism, the jury decided to give the Eurimages Development award to THE GREAT BEAR.

Eurimages Award jury: Katriel Schory, Executive Director, Israel Film Fund, Israel; Kristina Trapp, Chief Executive, EAVE, Luxembourg; Meinolf Zurhorst, Head of Film Department, ZDF/ARTE, Germany; Elena Kotova, National Representative, Eurimages, Czech Republic

Best Pitch

Coverage throughout the film’s life-cycle awarded by Screen International

Winner: Restore Point / Bod Obnovy
Czech Republic, director Robert Hloz, producer Jan Kallista, production company Film Kolektiv

Producers Network Prize

Two free passes to Producers’ Network 2018 awarded by Cannes Marché du Film

Winners: Adina Dulcu, Romania and Bram Sterckx, Belgium

Works in Progress Awards

The Post Production Award

10 000 Euros worth of facility services by leading Finnish post house Post Control. The award is given to a project that successfully combines creative and commercial potential.

Winner: Crystal Swan / Хрусталь
Belarus/Germany/US, director Darya Zhuk; producers Birgit Goernbock, Debbie Vandermeulen, Olga Goister, Valery Dmitrotchenko; co-producer Andrey Isachenko; production companies Demarshfilm, Unfound Content, Fusion Features, Vice Films, Belarus Film

Jury statement: Crystal Swan is an intriguing story with a light touch of irony and humor blended with numerous cultural references, amounting to a colorful and fresh take on the good old American dream.

Baltic Event Works in Progress Award

This award of 3000 Euros is given to the project with the strongest and boldest artistic vision. The award will help the film gain visibility during its promotion and distribution in the Baltic States by covering related costs in the region.

Winner: Motherland / Gimtine
Lithuania/Latvia, director Tomas Vengris, producer Uljana Kim, co-producer Roberts Vinovskis, production companies: Studio Uljana Kim, Locomotive Productions

Jury statement: Motherland is a unique and nostalgic story about the complexity of relationships and of learning about one’s heritage, propelled by a distinct style of storytelling. It is a film about self discovery through the eyes of a young boy and his first vision of his mother as a human being.

Baltic View Award

In partnership with Noir Lumiere, Baltic View presents two in-kind awards worth 3000 Euros each. The selected films are awarded a DCP production + online storage and international promotion with Cinema Events (organised by Baltic View) valued at 3000 Euros per film (terms and conditions apply).


International Works in Progress: 43
Georgia/Russia, director Dimitry Tsintsadze, producer Rusudan Glurjidze, co-producer: Nadezhda Gorshkova, production companies Cinetech Film Production, Viva Films

Jury statement: For powerful performances of a disrupted and ruptured family where the potential for redemption could hang out of reach.

Baltic Event Works in Progress: Take It or Leave It / Võta või jäta
Estonia, director Liina Trishkina-Vanhatalo, producer Ivo Felt, production company Allfilm

Jury statement: A full of energy and modern take on a familiar theme; an unwanted baby lands in the custody of its inexperienced father.

Think of The Music Award

Two projects receive a license each worth 1500 Euros for music represented by Apollo Music, to be used in film and/or promotional materials. The award goes to the projects that have the best and brightest ideas for the use of music.


International Works in Progress: Amidst the Fog / Entre La Niebla
Colombia/Brazil, director and producer Augusto Sandino, co-producers Claudio Cao Quintas, Gio Park, Mario Viana Garcia, production companies Schweizen Media Group, Psycut, Viana Producciones

Baltic Event Works in Progress: Captain Morten and the Spider Queen / Morten lollide laeval
Estonia/Ireland/Belgium/UK, director Kaspar Jancis, producer Kerdi Oengo, co-producers Paul Cummins, Mark Mertens, Robin Lyons; production companies: Nukufilm, Telegael, Grid VFX

Work in Progress Jury: Maryna Ajaja, Seattle IFF, USA; Olivier Barbier, Wild Bunch, France; Olivier Heitz, MK2, France; Tõnis Kiis, Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies, USA; Hubert von Spreti, Kick Film GmbH, Germany

Script Pool Awards

Script Pool is a new initiative this year, a platform for connecting screenwriters and producers with script doctors and other industry specialists to develop the scripts and maximise their potential in different mediums.

Script Pool Award

5000 Euros and two months of assistance by script doctor Norbert Maass. The is award is presented by Telepool, one of Europe’s leading licensing companies.

Winner: The Sky is Pink, India
director Shonali Bose, creative producer Nilesh Maniyar

Jury statement: The script is convincing us as a complex narrative about fate. How does a girl feel, that is suffering from a life-threatening disease? And bringing the life of her family in trouble? Aisha tells us her fate in a nonlinear way as a love story of her parents. The script is about to become an extraordinary experience that can truly inspire, challenge and entertain audiences when it is further developed in a consequent way.

Script Pool Jury: Andrei von Kamarowsky, Europacorp, France; Simone Baumann, German Films Service & Marketing Gmbh, Germany; Thomas Weymar, Telepool GmbH, Germany; Steven Bernstein, film director, USA; Norbert Maass, ISSC International Script & Sales Company, Germany

Storytek Script Pool Prize

Storytek awards the project with the best potential to be realised and developed to an interactive or multi-platform IP-driven production with the invitation to pitch the project during the second edition of Storytek in the spring of 2018.

Winner: Bloody Sunday VR, Lithuania
director Andrius Lekavicius, producer Polonski Bartosh, production company Gluk Media