EU50310 project

The goal of EU50310 project "Black Nights Film Festival" is to organize and carry out the Black Nights Film Festival. The project aims to raise awareness of Estonia as a country, to increase the number of tourists visiting Estonia and to develop the Estonian and regional film industries by bringing the international film industry here. In recent years the specific purpose has been added – marketing Estonia as a potential shooting site through different locations to foreign film groups, which in turn would increase tourism. From previous analogues Iceland, Kazakhstan (Borat), Wallenberg and Sweden etc. can be pointed out. Obviously, the project aims to contribute to the cultivation of tolerance and understanding outlook among the Estonian audience through the artistic high quality films that introduce different views of the world, cultures and lifestyles.

As the result of the project, the proportion of visitors arriving in Estonia and the number of foreign spectators spending the nights at the hotels and other accommodation establishments has increased. The festival has also increased the volume of organized marketing activities, media coverage in different foreign media, the number of companies involved in offering services to the foreign visitors and the international interest in the festival.

The project period: 1.05.2016-30.04.2019

The event is supported by measures, funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

EAS supported the project through the creative industries support structures support scheme with 200 000 euros. The project has a total budget of 4.2 million euros.

Contact person: Mikk Granström, executive director